I am a critical interaction designer who creates experiences through my expertise in UX Design and social practice.



I am a critical interaction designer who uses his expertise in UX design and social practice to create meaningful experiences. I am passionate about challenging contemporary design practices by presenting alternative perspectives that aims to build resilience, sustainability, trust and inclusion for systems, services and products.

I've completed my Bachelor’s Degree at Emily Carr University of Art and Design majoring in Interaction Design and minoring in Social Practice and Community Engagement in May 2019. Most recently I’ve worked as a Student Fellow at Emily Carr University in collaboration with Microsoft. Currently, I’m working as a UX Design Intern at Lululemon’s Whitespace Innovation and R&D Team.

Woo Magazine 2016 issue spread.

Woo Magazine 2016 issue spread.


Refrigerator Graffiti at Emily Carr Univesity (Journal Article, 2017)

A Critical (Auto)Ethno&graphic Re/view of Nomadic Subjectivities Within One Transnational Family

by: Sherrie Dogurga and Kerem Dogurga

GQ Magazine Turkey (Web, 2016)


Woo Magazine (Painting, 2016)

I Kiss The Hand of My Destroyer

Acrylic on canvas